Lice Treatments

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My Hair Helpers mission is to empower families with knowledge about head lice, discerning fact from fiction, as to help them remove hair lice using lice treatments without harsh chemicals. Lice (bugs), and nits (lice eggs) don’t stand a chance!

Our head lice treatments are used in our Southern California Lice Salons. With more than a decade of helping families, they leave our lice clinics happy and lice-free! Our lice treatments are effective without harsh chemicals that keep kids happy, and their hair healthy.

Getting rid of head lice can be stressful for families. We understand and provide compassionate, discreet, and effective lice removal products for children, and their families.

Empowering families with lice education and tips for lice prevention are the core of our brand. We know that knowledge is power when it comes to managing head lice. We are here to provide judgment-free support every step of the way. From identifying lice and nits to combing techniques, treatment options, and preventing reinfestation, we have the answers to all your questions. We are on your team!

At My Hair Helpers, your child’s health, happiness and hair are our top priorities.

Let us help you end the frustration of head lice! Eliminate head lice today with My Hair Helpers!

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    The Essentials for Lice Removal | For 1-2 Children

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    Deluxe Family Size Lice Removal and Prevention Kit | For 2-4 Children

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    Complete Family Size Lice Removal Kit | For 2-4 Children

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    Mint Shampoo and Conditioner Lice Prevention and Treatment

  • My Mint Shampoo Lice Prevention and Removal

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    Head Lice Removal Treatment Kit | For 1-3 Children

  • Eliminator Lice Comb

  • Dimethicone Lice Removal Oil

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    Dimethicone Oil and Lice Comb Kit | For 1-2 Children

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    Nit Glue Loosening Mint Foam Mousse

  • Clarifying Shampoo for Removing Lice Oil Treatments | For 1-2 Children

  • My Mint Conditioner for Lice Prevention and Removal

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    Cocomint Lice Treatment Oil | For 1-2 Children

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    Mint Detangler Lice Repellent for All Hair Types