My Mint Shampoo Lice Prevention and Removal



My Hair Helpers lice removal shampoo can be used for both lice prevention and as part of the lice treatment process. Safely use it daily as the shampoo is sulfate-free.

My Hair Helpers Mint Shampoo is not only good for your hair, it can prevent a lice infestation by washing out nits before they hatch and lice before they have had a chance to multiply and spread. Made with peppermint, this essential oil has been proven to intoxicate and repel lice. My Hair Helpers only makes kid-safe, natural lice treatments without harsh chemicals.

Small family? Use our 8oz Mint Shampoo for lice prevention and treatment. This size is good for 1-2 children.

Have a large family? Use our 16oz Mint Shampoo for lice prevention and treatment. This size is good for 2-3 children.

How to Use Lice Removal Shampoo as a Lice Treatment:

  • First apply My Hair Helpers Dimethicone Oil (sold separately) massaging into the scalp and saturating hair.
  • Next, apply Mint Detangler (sold separately) on the ends of the hair, and comb through with a wide tooth comb to loosen tangles to prevent lice and nits from getting caught in them.
  • Third, apply our Mint Foam Mousse (sold separately) on each section of hair before combing out lice. This will loosen the glue of the eggs to help effectively remove them with a comb.
  • Then, section the hair from ear to ear. Clip up the strands in sections. Use our Lice Eliminator Comb (sold separately) to comb each section of the hair in all 4 directions; up, down, left, and right. With each combing movement, you will want to wipe the comb on a white paper towel to see the status of the removal making sure the comb touches the scalp during the combing process. This process will drag out the nits and lice. Make sure to comb each and every section of the hair until the paper towel swipes become completely clear of any nits or lice. Apply more mousse and oil as the hair dries out.
    Sleep in oil overnight.
  • In the morning wash hair with Clarifying Shampoo to cleanse hair of mousse, oil, nits, and lice. The oil is thick enough to suffocate lice, requiring several wash, rinse, and repeats until all oil is out. Next wash with Mint Shampoo, followed by Mint Conditioner (sold separately) to restore hair to a healthy shine and luster.
  • Mist hair with Mint Lice Repellent Spray (sold separately)

How to Use as Lice Prevention:

  • Use in place of your usual shampoo and conditioner
  • Your child’s scalp will be soothed while safeguarding against a future lice infestation
  • Use daily on children of all ages and adults
  • Peppermint essential oil will repel lice from your child’s hair

Made in the USA. 100% Happiness guarantee or your money back.

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