Complete Family Size Lice Removal Kit | For 2-4 Children

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My Hair Helpers Family Size Lice Removal Kit is a fast, effective, and affordable way to remove lice. Feel secure, whether you have a small or large family, with My Hair Helpers products because they have proven solutions to remove head lice.

This lice removal kit will help to remove head lice the first time you spot a nit. This lice removal treatment solution can be used on the whole family, as there is enough product for up to 4 children. (Parents can use it, too!) Be lice-free once and for all!

Family Size Lice Removal Kit Includes:

  • Eliminator Lice Comb (grabs and drags out every bug and egg)
  • Dimethicone Lice Removal Oil (traps and suffocates lice)
  • Mint Foam Mousse (nit glue loosening enzymes help eggs effortlessly slide off hair)
  • Clarifying Shampoo (strips the hair of the thick dimethicone oil)
  • Mint Conditioner (formulated to bring hair back to a healthy luster; mint scent repels lice)

Stay Protected, Stay Happy

Worry less with the knowledge that you will stop lice dead in their tracks! No harsh chemicals needed. Each formulation includes peppermint essential oils, as a result, it will intoxicate and repel lice. Kids love the scent. Lice avoid it at all costs!

Generally, lice will be eliminated in one treatment when following our step-by-step directions. We recommend repeating this same treatment process 5-6 days later. It ensures that all lice are gone! Continue being nit-free using My Hair Helpers Lice Prevention Spray (sold separately.)

My Hair Helpers has removed lice for over a decade in their Southern California lice salons. Families leave happy and lice-free!

Add My Mint Shampoo (sold separately) and Conditioner to your daily routine for ongoing peace of mind.

My Hair Helpers’ lice products are made in the USA. We offer a 100% happiness guarantee or your money back.