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Head lice are tiny insects that live on the human scalp and feed on blood. An infestation of head lice, while not dangerous, can be extremely irritating and unpleasant. Lice spread quickly through direct head-to-head contact and sharing belongings like hats, combs, and pillows. The best way to deal with lice is to remove them and their eggs (nits) from the hair shafts before they have a chance to hatch and spread. This is why a lice comb is the most important part of the lice treatment process.

Using an ordinary comb or brush is not sufficient, as the spaces between the teeth are too wide to catch all of the nits. My Hair Helpers Eliminator Comb has long micro-grooved teeth, which comb out and eliminate even the tiniest of lice eggs (nits) in hair leaving it nit-free. The anti-slip grip makes for easy control and won’t irritate your child’s scalp as you comb out lice. The fine teeth of a lice comb can comb through section by section and remove everything embedded in the hair and along the scalp. Moreover, it works well on thick hair, curly hair, fine hair, and virtually all hair types.

Lice combs are an indispensable tool for thoroughly eliminating a lice infestation without using pesticides. Gone are the days when you’d have to shave your head when you have head lice. Along with combing, My Hair Helpers lice treatments maximize getting rid of all traces of lice the first time. If you are dealing with lice in your hair, the Eliminator Lice Comb is a must-have. It’s easy to clean and can be sterilized for any repeat treatments.

Lice Combs Needed Based on Family Size:

Have a small family? A single lice comb will do for 1-2 children.

Do you have a medium-sized family? Our lice comb 2-pack is the best choice for 2-3 children.

Or do you have a large family? Our 3-pack is the way to go for 3-5 children.

How to use My Hair Helpers Lice Removal Comb with Lice Products:

  • Section the hair from ear to ear. After that, clip up the strands in sections. Next, use the Eliminator Comb and comb each section of the hair in all 4 directions; up, down, left, and right.
  • With each combing movement you will want to wipe the comb on a white paper towel to see the status of the removal. As a result, this process will drag out the nits and lice. Remember that the comb must touch the scalp during the combing process.
  • Make sure to comb each and every section of the hair.
  • Lastly, comb until the paper towel swipes become completely clear of any nits or lice.

My Hair Helpers Eliminator Lice Comb is most effective in conjunction with our dimethicone oil, nit glue loosening mousse, mint detangler spray, mint shampoo and conditioner, and mint prevention spray.

Made in the USA. 100% happiness guarantee or your money back.

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