The Essentials for Lice Removal | For 1-2 Children

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Now you have what you need to rid your child’s hair of unwanted lice with The Essentials for Lice Removal kit.

This kit includes:

  • 8oz My Lice Removal Oil – A break-through product for lice removal! This lice removal oil is made with 100% dimethicone to completely suffocate the lice and stop them in their tracks
  • 8oz My Mint Shampoo – Not only is this shampoo good for your hair, it may also prevent a lice infestation by washing them out before they have had a chance to multiply and spread. My Mint Shampoo is made with peppermint, which has been proven to intoxicate lice. This product is great to use as a daily shampoo and is ideal when paired with My Mint Conditioner.
  • Lice Eliminator Comb – The most effective comb to remove lice and their eggs! It has unique micro-grooved steel teeth and anti-slip bands to hold your grip through the thickets of hair. This comb will grab and drag lice out!

How to Use The Essentials for Lice Removal:

  • Massage the dimethicone oil onto dry scalp and saturate. This process will suffocate the lice bugs. Use oil generously on the entire scalp.
  • Spray Mint Detangler (sold separately) on ends of hair to soften and detangle hair. Use a a wide toothed comb and comb out tangles.
  • Apply our Mint Foam Mousse (sold separately) on each section before using the lice comb. This will loosen the glue of the eggs to help removal with a comb.
  • Section the hair from ear to ear. Clip up the strands in sections. Next use the lice comb and comb each section of the hair in all 4 directions; up, down, left and right. With each combing movement you will want to wipe the comb on a white paper towel to see the status of the removal. The comb must touch the scalp during the combing process so as to drag out the nits and lice. Make sure to comb each and every section of the hair. You will comb until the paper towel swipes become completely clear of any nits or lice. Apply more oil and mousse as hair dries out.
  • Sleep in oil overnight.
  • Then use our Mint Shampoo and Conditioner (sold separately) in the morning to wash out the dimethicone oil. As the oil is very thick in order to effectively kill the lice, you will need to wash, rinse and repeat several times until all of the oil is out.
  • Finally, after drying hair, spray with our Mint Lice Repellent (sold separately). Repeat all steps 5 to 6 days later.

The Essentials for Lice Removal has enough product for 1-2 children. Made in the USA. 100% happiness money-back guarantee.