Mint Detangler Lice Repellent for All Hair Types



My Hair Helpers fresh mint detangler is used to style your child’s hair while fighting lice!  Send your child to school knowing you have protection from critters, especially when you get that dreaded letter that there is a lice outbreak in your child’s class! Easy to use and helps to ensure protection. Makes hair soft and pliable while fighting lice!

Have a small family? Our 8oz Mint Detangler detangles and protects 1-2 children.

Have a large family? Our 16oz Mint Detangler detangles and protects 2-3 children.

Effectively detangles knotted hair, thick hair, and natural hair effortlessly and pain-free. Can be used as part of the lice treatment process, or as prevention when a known head lice infestation has occurred in school, camp, daycare, or sports.

When to Use Mint Detangler:

Use as part of the lice removal process by spraying the detangler as step 2 after applying ample amounts of dimethicone oil (sold separately.)

Use as lice prevention by spraying into hair after washing hair with My Hair Helpers Mint Shampoo and Conditioner (sold separately) as step 1. Spray Mint Detangler throughout hair to soften and loosen knots and then comb through using a wide tooth comb. You can also mist our Mint Lice Repellent Spray on dry hair for double protection!

Our repellent is safe for daily use on children and for repeated application to stay lice-free and nit-free. Made with essential oils for natural lice prevention. Works on all hair types.

Lice hate the smell of mint and will avoid it at all costs making this Mint Detangler perfect to help your child prevent a head lice infestation, and dually detangle hair that is prone to knotting. Hair will no longer snag making for a happier hair styling process!

Use on adults, too. You can have confidence in your purchase with our happiness guarantee or your money back! Made in the USA.

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8 oz., 16 oz.