My Mint Conditioner for Lice Prevention and Removal



Mint Conditioner from My Hair Helpers is sulfate-free, as well as, being free from harsh chemicals. It contains peppermint essential oil which helps protect and defend your hair from a lice infestation.

High-quality ingredients allow this lice-fighting product to detangle the hair, leaving a soft, smooth, and silky luster. It’s also the perfect product to use before combing out lice and nits with our Eliminator Lice Comb as part of the lice treatment process.

My Mint Conditioner is the perfect complement to My Mint Shampoo for daily use for lice prevention. Additionally, it complements My Clarifying Shampoo when removing dimethicone oil from hair when following the steps to treat a head lice infestation on your child. The Clarifying Shampoo purposely strips hair of the thick oil that suffocates lice but can be difficult to remove with regular shampoo. Mint Conditioner helps to restore the softness and shine that the clarifying shampoo can take away.

This conditioner, along with our Mint Shampoo, is safe for daily use. The peppermint essential oil in My Hair Helpers lice treatments is a natural way to repel these bugs and a vital tool for lice prevention.

For small families: 8oz is perfect for 1-2 children.

Have a larger family? 16oz is best suited for 2-3 children.

How to Use My Mint Conditioner for Both Lice Prevention and Lice Removal:

  • After rinsing My Mint Shampoo or My Clarifying Shampoo, apply a generous amount of conditioner to wet hair. Massage from scalp to ends and let rest in hair for 2 minutes before rinsing out with warm water.
  • If not using our Mint Detangler in the lice treatment steps, this can be substituted in. Just add 3 squeezes to a spray bottle and add warm water. Shake well. Spray mixture on ends of hair to soften. Next, use a wide-tooth detangler comb on the hair and comb out tangles. Then follow our other steps from there.

Made in the USA. 100% happiness guarantee or your money back.

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8 oz., 16 oz.