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Our understanding of head lice has come a long way over recent decades. Once associated with being dirty and unkempt, we now know that head lice can happen to anyone. We also know that head lice, while contagious, are not a reason to keep a child home from school. The lice do have to be treated promptly, but most kids only have to miss a day or so before they can return. 

Whether your child has lice, has been exposed to lice, or you’re simply curious about what the latest school policies are, here’s everything you need to know regarding head lice policies in today’s institutions. 

Children are no longer sent home early from school. 

In the past, students who turned up positive for head lice would have to leave school immediately. However, this is no longer the case. 

It can take up to six weeks for the signs of lice to appear, so sending a child home the day lice are discovered is unnecessary. The child has already been around other students for at least a month, so they’ve already spread the lice. The parents will be notified, and the child can return home at their usual time. 

Treatment must begin before returning to school. 

Even though a student with lice can stay in school for the rest of the day, they can’t return to class until they’ve started an appropriate treatment. Treatment options include over-the-counter products and all-natural products. They do not include do-it-yourself home remedies like olive oil or mayonnaise. 

There is very little evidence that home remedies work. However, products made specifically to treat lice have been tested for quality and effectiveness. This is why you’ll need to let the school nurse know what you are using. 

Keep in mind that most OTC lice removal products contain chemicals that can cause skin and lung irritation. Shop for all-natural products that are just as effective. My Hair Helpers sells nontoxic lice treatment products on Amazon. Order them for one-day delivery and you can treat lice safely and effectively the following day! 

Students can return to class with nits. 

No-nit policies were commonplace back in the day, but they are no longer necessary. Most head lice treatments will kill active lice, but it’s possible that they won’t work on nits. As long as you follow up with a second treatment and/or continue combing through your child’s hair to pick out any remaining nits, your child will not be able to spread lice. 

Staying out of class due to lice has more risks than benefits. 

And finally, keeping kids out of class due to head lice has social, academic and medical implications. No-nit policies cause unnecessary school absences, loss of work days for parents and exclusion for students. Rather, it’s better to educate parents and students and utilize safe, effective tools like all-natural head lice treatments, wet combing and lice prevention sprays

My Hair Helpers has a complete selection of head lice prevention and treatment products that you can order on Amazon and on our website. They are made from all-natural ingredients like peppermint extract and are safe for all ages. Plus, they are guaranteed to work and keep your kid in school!