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How School Administrators Can Manage Head Lice Outbreaks

As a school administrator, you have high expectations from students, parents, staff and the community. Therefore, if there’s a lice outbreak in your school, it’s normal to feel the pressure. How did this happen? Does this mean your school is dirty? Are you sending students home? Unfortunately, many of the myths regarding head lice do more harm than good. 

The good news is that you can educate students, parents and staff on head lice. Not only will this avoid widespread panic, but it can also change the life of a student who doesn’t know where to turn for help. 

Common head lice myths 

Below are the most common head lice myths and why they are not true. Share this information with your students, parents and staff through email, text or newsletter. The more people know the truths about head lice, the easier it will be to identify and treat outbreaks. 

It’s a myth that head lice:

  • Are a result of being unclean. Lice have nothing to do with a clean person or home. Anyone who has hair can get lice. In fact, lice prefer clean hair because it’s easiest to climb on.
  • Can run, jump or fly. Lice can only crawl from one head to the next, which is why head-to-head contact is the main method of transmission. However, lice are extremely fast and efficient crawlers so it only takes seconds for them to spread. 
  • Survive off a host. Lice can generally survive off a host for 24 hours. This is why transmission through hats, combs, hair accessories, etc. is quite low. It’s best not to share these items, especially during times of outbreak, but lice are not likely to survive on them for long. 
  • Transmit infections. Head lice are not the same as body lice. While a nuisance, head lice do not spread disease or infection. This is why they are not considered a public health hazard. 

Head lice and school policies 

Schools have different policies on when students can return to their classroom after having lice. That said, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a healthy child should not be restricted from attending school because of head lice. They suggest discontinuing no-nit policies. 

Under this policy, a student with lice should finish out the school day, get treatment and then return to school. Luckily, there are many quick, effective ways that students can receive treatment. For example, parents can order a head lice treatment kit online from a company like My Hair Helpers, or they can schedule an appointment for lice treatment through a local head lice salon. 

My Hair Helpers serves Southern California. We have in-salon appointments, or we can come to the child’s home or school for treatment. This way, Mom and Dad don’t have to miss work, and the child doesn’t have to miss school. 

Schedule routine school lice checks 

If head lice seem to be a persistent problem in your school, you can take things a step further by scheduling a school lice check and removal service. My Hair Helpers will send out a highly trained lice technician to perform lice checks on each student. 

If any student turns up positive for lice, we can treat them on the spot. We can also talk to families and educate them on how to stay lice free. For parents who want to treat their children at home, we can send the kits home with the students. 

All of My Hair Helpers products are made from safe, non-toxic ingredients. They are guaranteed to work and keep your school lice free. To learn more about our school lice check and removal services, contact us today! 

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Head lice are tiny six-legged insects that are blood-sucking parasites. They live on the scalp of humans. Head lice are the little and wingless insects with a size of sesame seeds that make their home on the human head and spread diseases by sucking the blood from the scalp. Infections and diseases caused by head lice are generally faced by on-going school students and their family members as the head of students come in contact with the head of other students. Contact My Hair Helpers to guaranteed head lice removal services. We are professional head lice removal experts known for our best service and customer support.


The evidence for head lice goes back many centuries. Lice was named as the third plague in the Old Testament of the Bible. The shell casings for lice have been found on Egyptian mummies. Live Lice on the head and their eggs can be killed by opting for different lice treatments that are available in different forms such as lotions, shampoos, and creams and these can be used at home without any hassle. It is necessary for the women who are pregnant or breastfeed their babies to take suggestions from a renowned doctor about the risk-free products.


In the majority of cases, head lice is passed with head to head contact. A smaller number of cases are passed through brushes and combs and sharing hats. Lice don’t like to leave their food supply unless a warm head is waiting for them.


Head lice actually prefer clean hair! It’s more difficult for them to lay eggs on greasy or dirty hair.