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Sometimes, head lice can be very difficult to get rid of. In fact, this is happening more often thanks to the emergence of super lice. Super lice are head lice that have genetically mutated to become resistant to the active ingredients found in popular head lice treatment products. Also known as drug-resistant head lice, these pests require a different strategy than what you’ll find in the stores. 

Let’s learn more about what it means to have chronic lice and how to get rid of them for good this time! 

Identifying Chronic Lice

The first thing to do is make sure that you are indeed dealing with lice. Head lice can be mistaken for other things, especially if your child has skin problems like seborrhea or eczema. 

Diagnosing head lice is typically not difficult, but if you’d prefer a second opinion, schedule an appointment at a head lice salon like My Hair Helpers. A professional head lice expert will do a thorough head inspection. 

Once you know for sure that it is lice you are battling, you’ll have to get down to the bottom of why they’re back. Is it a reinfestation or resistance to OTC treatments? 

Distinguishing Between Reinfestation and Resistance 

In order to successfully treat chronic head lice, it’s helpful to know why they’re returning in the first place. A head lice expert can help with this, though there are a few ways that you can make this call on your own. 

Generally speaking, if there are active lice after two to three days of a properly applied head lice treatment, or active lice following two correctly applied treatments, this is considered resistance. Your child probably has super lice and needs a different type of treatment. 

If you’re combing through your child’s hair and find no live lice, but your child returns home with lice four to six weeks later, then your child was likely reinfected. If they caught lice from school or daycare, it’s probably still going around. 

Treating Chronic Head Lice 

As long as the last treatment worked for your child, you can try it again. But if it doesn’t work, you’ll need something new. Many parents turn to prescription medications because the OTC medication failed, but this is not necessary. 

Chronic lice can be successfully treated with safe, effective ingredients – My Hair Helpers would know! We have a full line of nontoxic lice treatment products, including shampoos, conditioners and sprays. 

Our products are proven and guaranteed to work on ALL lice. Please follow all directions to ensure these treatments are applied correctly. We provide plenty of educational resources and tutorials on our website to help with this. 

Bottom line: Chronic head lice are 100% treatable. Whether it’s from a reinfestation or resistance, the head lice treatment products from My Hair Helpers WILL work! And don’t forget to use them to help prevent head lice in the future!