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Here at My Hair Helpers, we love to save families time and money. We know that lice can be a worst fear for parents, but they don’t have to be. With prompt treatment from a reputable lice treatment service, you can get your lice situation (and sanity) under control.

To help you save even more time and headache, we’ve compiled a list of things that you DO NOT need to do if head lice are brought into your home. You’re welcome.

Don’t freak out.

This is a hard one, but seriously, you don’t need to freak out over head lice. They are itchy and annoying, but they have nothing to do with being dirty. Plus, millions of children get them every year and are doing just fine. Unlike other pests, lice do not carry germs, bacteria or viruses. They cannot harm your child’s health. They are also completely treatable. So, we promise you. Don’t. Freak. Out.

Don’t wash all the bedding in the house. 

There is no need to wash all the bedding in the house. Save two precious resources – water and time. All you need to wash is the pillowcase. The comforter, bedding, sheets and stuffed animals can all go in the dryer for 20 minutes. For the bottom sheet, simply use a lint roller to pick up a stray louse. According to the CDC, head lice can’t live off a human head for more than 48 hours, so the chances of a louse falling off your child’s head and surviving in the sheets is low. 

Don’t vacuum the drapes, curtains, dust ruffles, etc.

Your child’s head probably doesn’t come into contact with these items, so there is no need to clean them. Again, lice need a human host to survive, so they aren’t likely to wander off and make their home on a curtain or stuffed animal. What you will want to vacuum off are couches, chairs, arm rests, car seats, etc. – mainly all the things your child has used in the past two days.

Don’t treat family members who don’t have lice.

It’s very important that you check all family members for lice, because if they do have it, you’ll want to apply treatment right away. But, a family member does not need to be treated if they don’t have lice. In fact, this can do more harm than good by exposing your child to chemicals they don’t need and making them more resistant to lice if they do need treatment one day.

Don’t throw away your combs and bushes.

Believe it or not, you can save your child’s combs and brushes after a lice infestation. Soak these items in hot water for several minutes and let them air dry. For hair accessories that cannot be put in hot water, place them into Ziploc bags and then into the freezer for 48 hours. Also, clean out the drawers before putting the hair accessories back.

If your child or any other family members have head lice, contact My Hair Helpers right away for an appointment. We can provide quick, effective treatment in our salon or in the comfort of your home. Or, shop at to order our DIY hair lice treatment solutions. You’ve got this!