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When lice invade your home, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Head lice treatment services are available – the key is finding the right one for your needs. Head lice are growing more resistant to certain ingredients, so the last thing you want is ineffective treatment. This can lead to way more headache, emotional stress and financial drain than need be.

In this post, we suggest five things to look for when choosing a hair lice removal company to care for your child.

  1. Fast, flexible appointments

Effective head lice treatment is given sooner than later. If you discover that your child has head lice, or think they may have head lice, a reputable service shouldn’t have you waiting days for treatment. This allows the infestation to grow and spread to other people. Hair lice removal services that take lice seriously will schedule an appointment right away, often on the same day.

  1. Family friendly pricing

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for quality head lice treatment, but be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Some companies will lure you in with low-price offers, but you’ll end up paying more for additional treatments. Stick to companies that have upfront, published pricing that includes everything you need to be lice free.

  1. Safe, non-toxic products

Because most cases of head lice happen to young children, it’s especially important that the products you choose are safe and non-toxic. Choose companies that tell you exactly what’s in their products. Also, be careful about choosing products that contain permethrin (an insecticide). Lice are growing resistant to permethrin, and there is no reason to expose your child to more chemicals than necessary.

  1. Guarantees

Guarantees aren’t common in this industry because head lice can be stubborn to get rid of, and everyone responds differently to the treatments. That said, a company with effective treatments and tried-and-true techniques won’t mind standing behind their products. My Hair Helpers offers a 30-Day Lice Free Guarantee and Lifetime Protection. Why should you pay for treatment and not have some sort of reassurance?

  1. Positive track record

Lice companies often pop out of nowhere, so always do your research before choosing a service. Look for companies that have been in business for at least five years and have established a positive track record. For example, My Hair Helpers has been in business since 2008, has 10+ years of happy clients and over 300 positive reviews on Yelp.

Your family deserves the best. Whichever company you choose to serve your family’s needs, be sure they meet the above five criteria. To schedule an in-home or in-salon appointment with My Hair Helpers, contact us today.