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Head lice can be expensive to treat, especially if your child is prone to getting repeated infestations. Some children tend to get head lice more than others due to factors such as having long hair or attending school or daycare. Also, lice leave behind a scent that can make your child’s head more attractive to subsequent lice. 

When head lice happen, cost is a concern. The price for head lice treatments can add up quickly, especially if there are multiple people in the home who are affected. Parents may also have to take off work until their children can return to school, which is typically after one treatment. 

To save money, some families choose to go the DIY route. While there are many options for DIY head lice treatments, including smothering your child’s hair in mayonnaise or olive oil, most are ineffective. They have not been proven to work, and they can cause a big mess, missed time from work or school and an added expense. 

What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Treat Head Lice? 

You have two main options when it comes to treating head lice. You can go to a head lice salon and have your child professionally treated, or you can buy the products and treat your child at home. One is not necessarily better than the other. As long as you are using quality products, it’s more about convenience and peace of mind.

Some parents feel better having a professional apply the treatment and are willing to pay more for this. Others save money by buying the products and using them at home. When you choose My Hair Helpers to help you fight lice, you can purchase all of the products we use in our salon (and our in-home lice removal service) at home. 

Here is what you need to effectively remove head lice: 

  • Regular comb 
  • Stainless steel nit comb 
  • Magnifying glass 
  • Flashlight (i.e., phone light)
  • Hair clips
  • Lice treatment 

Tips for Treating Head Lice Quickly and Effectively 

At My Hair Helpers, we understand the costs of raising a family. Our business is run by a family with five children! When one child has head lice in a big family like this, you could be potentially dealing with multiple children who are infected, too. It’s a headache for sure! 

Fortunately, you can count on our products to be effective and affordably priced. You won’t need any other products but ours, and your child can return to school after one application. Here are some tips to help you save time and money on head lice treatment: 

  • Choose the right products. You do not need harsh chemicals to kill lice. In fact, these chemicals are often ineffective against super lice. Pick products that have a guarantee and are made from natural ingredients. 
  • Follow the directions. Always read the directions that came with your product. It’s important that you use the products correctly and in the right order for the best results. 
  • Apply a second application. Most products suggest a repeat application about a week later. It’s possible for the first application to miss nits, and if these hatch, they can start a new infestation. 

Save Money on Head Lice Treatments 

My Hair Helpers has a full line of head lice treatment and prevention products. If you use our salon services, you will get a 30-day Lice-Free Guarantee and Lifetime Protection. If you purchase our products online, they come with a 100% happiness money-back guarantee. 

With just one application, your child can return to school – and you can get back to work! We sell our products individually or in convenient family packs. Let us help you save money and live lice-free!