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Sensitive skin is not uncommon in children, especially babies and toddlers. Babies naturally have delicate skin that’s more sensitive to the bath and skin products you use on them, and this includes head lice treatment and prevention products. You’ll want to be especially careful with these products since they often contain harsh ingredients like insecticides. 

Due to the chemicals in common head lice products, many recommend waiting until a child is 2 years old. But this isn’t the case with all head lice treatments. Some are made from safe, natural ingredients that are safe for all ages, including newborns. My Hair Helpers is proud to be one of the few companies that offers natural, kid-safe products. 

Let’s learn more about why children tend to have delicate skin, the signs of a skin sensitivity and how to find effective and gentle lice treatments for kids. 

Does Your Child Have Sensitive Skin?

The skin of a newborn baby is considered to be physiologically fragile, with a lower resistance to aggressions. Not only that, but a newborn’s immune system is delicate as well, which means there are a number of dyes, fragrances and chemicals that can cause skin irritation, dryness, chafing and rashes. 

At about age 2, the skin reaches the first stage of maturity. Once this happens, the skin is able to maintain moisture levels and is less resistant to irritants. However, not all children grow out of sensitive skin. Common skin conditions that affect children are eczema, atopic dermatitis and impetigo. This is why you’ll want to be careful about what you apply on your child’s head. 

Here are some signs that your child may have sensitive skin: 

  • Consistently dry and rough skin
  • Scaly or cracked skin 
  • Red patches of skin 
  • Inflamed itchy skin 
  • Sensitivity to temperature 
  • Skin reactions to products or clothing 

Sensitive Skin? Avoid Conventional Lice Treatments

While over-the-counter head lice treatments may seem like a quick and convenient option for treating lice, you’ll want to be careful about what you buy. These products contain pesticides that are banned in other countries. These pesticides absorb into the skin and cause paralysis and eventually death for the lice. 

However, they can also lead to serious health issues for the individual using the product particularly in young children with sensitive skin. Some of the toxic ingredients that you’ll want to avoid are permethrin, carylderm and lindane. Permethrin, for example, is a neurotoxin that can cause weakness, irritation, nausea and difficulty breathing. 

Safe, Gentle Head Lice Solutions to the Rescue!

Fortunately, there are safe, effective solutions for treating lice. You do not need to use harsh pesticides to kill them. Nor do you need to resort to messy, ineffective home remedies. Instead, you can use My Hair Helpers products, which are guaranteed to work or your money back! And, they are made with natural ingredients like peppermint and spearmint that won’t irritate delicate skin. 

Some of our top products include: 

  • My Lice Removal Oil stops lice in their tracks by suffocating them in thick oil. 
  • My Mint Mousse is made from strained yeast enzymes and clinically proven to dissolve nit glue. It destroys both lice and their eggs! 
  • My Mint Shampoo and My Mint Conditioner are safe to use every day! They smell great and can prevent infestations using natural ingredients like peppermint. 
  • My Mint Spray is another lice prevention product that has a pleasant peppermint fragrance and keeps lice away! Use it daily before sending your child to school. 

As you can see, there ARE safe, effective and gentle solutions when it comes to treating head lice. If your child is allergic to certain products, be sure to speak with your doctor first. And as always, My Hair Helpers offers a 100% happiness-money back guarantee! You can find our products on our website or on Amazon