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If your child has turned up with head lice, don’t panic. There are plenty of effective treatments available. The key is finding the right treatment for your child, as not all are created equal. Some treatments are ineffective and can be harmful to your child’s health. 

Below we will walk you through the steps to finding the best head lice treatment products for your child. 

Don’t limit yourself to the stores. Consider online options, too. 

Discovering a case of head lice typically sends parents into a scurry. But, before you head to your local convenience store or pharmacy, look at your options online. If you shop on Amazon, for example, many products can be delivered within a day or two. This allows you to get the products almost as quickly as going to the store – and the treatments could be safer and more effective.

According to Consumer Reports, many over-the-counter treatment products are no longer effective. They contain pesticides like permethrin or pyrethroids, which lice are now resistant to. Furthermore, these products often cause side effects like burning or skin irritation. In fact, as Consumer Reports points out, these treatments can prolong a child’s suffering because it takes a few days for parents to know if they’re working. 

Pay attention to the ingredients. Choose products without chemicals. 

When shopping online for head lice treatment solutions, there is a wide range of options available. So, what ingredients should you look for? We recommend sticking to safe, nontoxic formulas that have evidence of working. 

Studies show that dimethicone is an excellent option for killing lice. It is effective, FDA approved and carries a low risk of side effects. Unlike other lice treatments that are chemical-based, dimethicone is a silicone-based polymer. In this study, dimethicone killed all lice and eggs within a single 15 minute application. All My Hair Helpers’ products use dimethicone. 

Follow the instructions. Not all treatments kill nits. 

Always follow the instructions on the head lice product. This is important because some people forget to do a second application. Two treatments are generally recommend to kill all nits (lice eggs). Because nits attach themselves firmly to the hair shaft, they often survive the first treatment. 

Also, you should only use head lice treatment products if lice have been confirmed. The overuse or misuse of some over-the-counter products have contributed to super lice. If you’re not sure if your child has lice, take them to their pediatrician or a professional nit picker.

While it’s great to have so many head lice treatments on the market these days, it’s important to do your research. Not all treatments are the same, and you don’t want to waste your time on things that will be ineffective. To shop for My Hair Helpers lice prevention and treatment products, visit Amazon or our website