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My Hair Helpers 30-Day
Lice Free Guarantee

Why Choose My Hair Helpers Mobile Service

  • We will come to you in the comfort of your own home. Children are more at ease in their own environment.
  • We will check all family members and manually remove all lice and nits.We can treat the entire family at one time.
  • One on one training from our expert lice technicians. We educate you how to be lice free forever!

My Hair Helper’s
Lifetime Protection

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Leave hair brushed and detangled.
  • Prepare a place with good lighting. A table with a low back chair or stool is best to reach hair.
  • Provide bath towel and paper towels.
  • A sink to wash hair may be necessary after treatment.
  • If your child is fidgety a laptop or Ipad will be helpful to distract.
  • Your hair Helper will give you instructions on homecare and follow up. It’s very easy!
  • Our promise to you is to strive to rid of all the lice and nits without using harsh chemicals.
  • We are gentle and loving and promise to make this a pleasant experience.
  • The average treatment will take between 11/2 -2 hours per head depending on the level of infestation and length of hair.
  • A follow up appointment is suggested 4-5 days after initial treatment.

School Services and Lice Education

  • We provide all school hair checks every student is checked.
  • We have onsite treatment available for students with lice-this makes it easy for parents and children.
  • Head lice seminars are available for schools to educate parents and help keep children lice free!


  • We will come and screen campers for lice and also provide on site treatment by our lice specialists.
  • We will supply a lice proof card for parents.

School Fundraising Programs

  • Teaching parents how to check for lice with My Hair Helpers products.
  • We help the school earn money while fighting lice! We sell our products as a fundraiser and give a percentage back to the school! This is a win-win situation!

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee our work for 14 days if two paid visits from My Hair Helpers between 5-7 days apart.
  • If you find lice on your child after 14 days –you must save it in a baggie and send us a picture.
  • We will come take care of the problem for no charge!
  • All family members must be checked the first visit for this offer to be valid.

Why My Hair Helpers is the Best Choice!

  • Guaranteed-we are confident in our ability and guarantee our work.
  • Convenient-We come to you! It couldn’t be easier-no traffic of stress!
  • Privacy of your own home-we arrive in an unmarked car.
  • Safe-No Chemicals or pesticides ever!
  • Flexible-Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Informative-We train  you to stay lice free as well as give you the facts about cleaning your home.