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My Hair Helpers 30-Day
Lice Free Guarantee

Why Choose My Hair Helpers Mobile Service

  • We will gently provide our lice removal services to you in the comfort of your own home. Children are more at ease in their own environment.
  • We will check all family members and manually remove lice, nits and eggs.We can treat the entire family at one time.
  • One on one training from our expert lice technicians. We will educate you for proper removal of lice to be lice free forever!

My Hair Helper’s
Lifetime Protection

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Leave hair brushed and detangled before your treatment of lice.
  • Prepare a place with good lighting. A table with a low back chair or stool is best to reach hair.
  • Provide bath towel and paper towels.
  • A sink to wash hair may be necessary after head lice treatment.
  • If your child is fidgety a laptop or Ipad will be helpful to distract.
  • Your hair Helper will give you instructions on homecare and follow up. It’s very easy!
  • Our promise to you is to strive to rid of all the lice and nits without using harsh chemicals.
  • We are gentle and loving and promise to make this a pleasant experience.
  • The average treatment of head lice will take between 11/2 -2 hours per head depending on the level of infestation and length of hair.
  • A follow up appointment in our hair lice treatment salon is suggested 4-5 days after initial lice treatment of lice.
  • My Hair Helpers brings our lice removal salon into the comfort of your home.

School Services and Lice Education

  • We provide all school hair checks every student is checked.
  • We have onsite lice treatment available for students with lice-this makes it easy for parents and children.
  • Head lice seminars are available for schools to educate parents and help keep children lice free!


  • We will come and screen campers for lice and also provide on site treatment by our lice specialists.
  • We will supply a lice proof card for parents.

School Fundraising Programs

  • Teaching parents how to check for lice with My Hair Helpers products.
  • We help the school earn money while fighting lice! We sell our products as a fundraiser and give a percentage back to the school! This is a win-win situation!

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee our work for 30 days upon completed treatment from My Hair Helpers between 5-7 days apart.
  • If you find lice on your child after 30 days of completed treatment, simply come to any My Hair Helpers salon and we will correct it.
  • We will come take care of the problem for no charge!
  • All family members must be checked the first visit for this offer to be valid.

Why My Hair Helpers is the Best Choice!

  • Guaranteed-we are confident in our ability and guarantee our work.
  • Convenient-We come to you! It couldn’t be easier-no traffic of stress!
  • Privacy of your own home-we arrive in an unmarked car.
  • Safe-No Chemicals or pesticides ever!
  • Flexible-Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Informative-We train  you to stay lice free as well as give you the facts about cleaning your home.


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My Hair Helpers will come to your home and get rid of your children’s head lice with an all-natural, non-chemical treatment, usually within hours of your call.



Head lice are tiny six legged insects that are blood sucking parasites.They live on the scalp of humans.


The evidence for head lice goes back many centuries. Lice was named as the third plague in the Old Testament of the Bible. The shell casings for lice have been found on Egyptian mummies.


In the majority of cases, head lice is passed with head to head contact. A smaller number of cases are passed through brushes and combs and sharing hats. Lice don’t like to leave their food supply unless a warm head is waiting for them.


Head lice actually prefer clean hair! It’s more difficult for them to lay eggs on greasy or dirty hair.