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Getting rid of head lice quickly and effectively is everyone’s top priority when learning of an infestation. And while there are many products that can kill lice, many people still consider at-home remedies first. After all, they’re fast, inexpensive and readily available. However, they are often ineffective, especially when it comes to super lice. 

In this post, we’re going to cover what it means to use a blow dryer to kill lice. At first glance, blasting lice with heat might seem like a great solution, but there are some things to be aware of. Let’s explore further! 

Can Heat Kill Head Lice? 

First off, it’s important to answer the question of whether or not head lice can be killed with heat. The answer: It is possible. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that a quick blow dry is all you need to eliminate an infestation. 

Lice are hearty pests that can withstand the heat from a blow dryer. When you think about it, you’ve probably washed and conditioned your child’s hair many times before realizing that they had an infestation. This is because head lice can survive showering and hot air devices relatively well. 

To kill lice with heat, the hair dryer would have to be so hot that it would burn your hair and scalp. Not to mention, head lice are mobile and will run from the heat. And, nits (lice eggs) are essentially bulletproof and not bothered by heat. So if you use this process to kill the lice, the nits will likely survive and reproduce. 

Bottom line: While it’s possible for heat to kill head lice, it’s unlikely. There’s not enough heat coming from a standard blow dryer to eradicate lice, and the nits would likely survive. Nits are pretty much superglued to the hair shaft, so they need more than heat to die. 

Should I Use a Hair Dryer to Kill Lice? 

At My Hair Helpers, we generally do not recommend removing head lice using a blow dryer. First of all, most cases of head lice involve young children, and we don’t want parents to accidentally burn their children. Also, you should never combine a hair dryer with a medicated lice shampoo that contains alcohol. The heat and alcohol could cause a fire. 

Second, there are safer, more effective nontoxic lice treatments available. Why waste your time with heat when you could apply a My Hair Helpers treatment and send your child to school the next day? Our products contain safe, all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed to work. 

If you prefer, you can also bring your child into one of our salons in California to have the treatment done. Our lice experts will make sure that your child is kept comfortable during their appointment. Plus, each salon visit includes our Lice Free Guarantee and Lifetime Protection. Contact us today to learn more!