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After working in this industry for many years, we hear ALL the rumors about lice! Many are false, but there are some that have a bit of truth to them. However, by understanding the facts about head lice, you can look at things more objectively. The most important thing to know is that lice are 100% treatable, no matter how severe the infestation is.

Let’s look at some of the latest myths and misconceptions we’ve heard about head lice recently!

Lice are caused by poor hygiene.

Even though all sources say that lice have nothing to do with being clean or dirty, this is the most difficult myth to break. People still continue to believe that lice are caused by being dirty. Or that when a child gets lice, they are now ‘dirty.’

In reality, lice only care about finding a human host. Catching head lice has nothing to do with how often you shower, and washing your hair with shampoo will do nothing to stop them. Lice can hold their breath for about eight hours, which is why a shower or bath won’t slow them down.

Head lice are highly contagious.

It’s true that lice are contagious, but the stars have to align. Your child has to sit very closely to an infected person – so close that they touch their heads. By avoiding close contact, not sharing personal items and using a lice repellent spray, you can prevent most cases of head lice.

Kids mostly pick up head lice from school.

Again, there is some truth to the fact that school is where head lice spreads. But, it’s not the only place. In fact, lice are much more likely to spread outside of school because that’s when kids let down their guards and share their personal space.

So where are some other places where head lice spread? Sleepovers, playdates, sports, summer camps and playgrounds. These activities provide ample opportunities for kids to put their heads together and share lice.

Lice spread by jumping and flying.

Head lice are wingless, so it’s impossible for them to fly. They also don’t jump or hop. However, this doesn’t stop them from getting around. Lice can crawl very, very fast because their legs are well-adapted to crawling. And once they find a warm host, they’ll use their hook-like claws to hang on tightly.

Pesticides must be used to kill lice.

Several pesticide-based treatments are available over-the-counter or through a prescription. But they are NOT necessary to kill lice. And do you really want to apply pesticides to your child’s hair if they don’t need them? Definitely not.

A better way to kill lice is with nontoxic lice treatment products from My Hair Helpers. We use all-natural ingredients to suffocate and eliminate lice and nits. When paired with our lice comb and lice prevention products, you can treat a lice infestation quickly, effectively and safely.

Head lice live a long time in a house.

Again, this is just not true. Lice can only live about a day or two off a human host. While there is a very low risk of catching lice from something like a hat or hair clip, the odds of this are even low. This is why it’s not necessary to super clean your home after an infestation. The lice will die naturally in 48 hours or less.

We get it – lice are a nuisance and not something you want to have hanging around your home. But they’re also not as bad as you might think! If there is an infestation going around your child’s school, pull back their hair, use a few splashes of our lice spray and remind them not to share personal items. While you can’t avoid lice all of the time, these steps will significantly reduce the chances of getting them.