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It’s easy to make mistakes with head lice. Why? The main reason is because there is a lot of misinformation out there about identifying, treating and preventing head lice. In this post, we’re going to cover five common mistakes that people make when dealing with head lice. After reading this, you’ll be a pro at handling these tiny parasites with ease! Trust us – it’s better for you and your family not to freak out. While annoying, lice are not harmful and they are 100% treatable. 

Mistake #1. Not Checking the Whole Household 

When someone in your household has lice or has been exposed to lice, you’ll want to check everyone in the family – including the adults. Don’t just do a quick peek, either. Be sure to use a lice comb like this one from My Hair Helpers. It gets close to the scalp and can identify and pick out lice. 

Mistake #2. Focusing Your Energy on Household Cleaning 

Many people are tempted to rip apart their home after learning about lice, but this isn’t necessary. In fact, you don’t have to clean much at all! Lice are parasitic bugs that live in the hair and not off your scalp. They can barely go a day without a human host. You’re better off using your energy to give each family member a good combing with My Hair Helpers’ products. Having a clean home is nice, but it doesn’t really make a difference for lice. 

Mistake #3. Missing Your Follow-up Visit or Not Doing a Second Treatment 

The cycle of lice must be broken, and if an egg is missed, it will hatch and start the whole cycle over. Unfortunately, lice eggs are very hard to remove and can be missed during the initial treatment. This is why we always recommend a follow-up visit or second application to eliminate any remaining lice. 

Mistake #4. Not Using the Right Products 

Not all head lice treatments are the same. For example, lice are often immune to the ingredients in over-the-counter products. They also tend to contain harsh pesticides and toxins that young children do not need. The better option is to order My Hair Helpers’ products online or schedule an appointment at one of our three salons in Southern California. 

Mistake #5. Not Telling Anyone 

We get it. Having lice is embarrassing. But it shouldn’t be. Lice can affect anyone – they have nothing to do with being dirty. By not telling anyone that your child has lice, they can spread it to others, and these children can give it back to them. In reality, head lice are as common as colds. Do yourself and others a favor and let people know about the lice. This way, everyone can take the proper precautions. 

My Hair Helpers is here to help! Don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment, professional advice or product recommendations. We have three salons in Thousand Oaks, Downey and Redondo Beach. We are open under precautions and by appointment only.