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These days, people have more opportunities to order products and have them delivered straight to their front door. This is convenient and smart, especially during a pandemic. But there are always benefits to shopping for products and receiving services in person. That’s why today, we want to cover the many perks to scheduling a salon appointment for your head lice treatment

Comprehensive Visit

When you schedule a salon appointment at one of My Hair Helpers’ locations, you can enjoy a comprehensive visit that includes the following: 

  • Complete head check
  • One full treatment 
  • Lice eliminator comb 
  • Education on how to stay lice free
  • Lice Free Guarantee (for 30 days) 
  • Lifetime Protection (lifetime head checks) 

Less Mess, More Relaxation 

At My Hair Helpers, we maintain clean, comfortable head lice salons that feel more like you’re going for a haircut instead of a head lice treatment. Our atmosphere is relaxing and kid-friendly, with plenty of seating, bright colors and access to our proprietary head lice treatment and prevention products. Get the whole family checked in one visit! 

Professional Nit Pickers 

Another benefit to coming to a salon for your head lice treatment is having access to professional nit pickers. All of the nit pickers from My Hair Helpers undergo extensive training to identify and treat lice and nits. They know how to protect your child’s hair during the treatment process and make it fun for your little one. 

Lice Removal Equipment 

Our lice experts also have access to special equipment when working at the salon. Because nits can be difficult to detect, our nit pickers have access to the highest quality combs, mirrors, shampoos and other tools and equipment. This makes it easier to identify lice and nits and remove them on the spot. 

Possible Reimbursement from Insurance 

Many insurance plans provide reimbursement of head lice treatments through your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). Check with your insurance provider to determine what’s covered. My Hair Helpers accept HSA and FSA cards, though we do not accept insurance directly. But we can provide you with the information you need to file a reimbursement claim. 

Education for the Whole Family

Whenever you use our services, you can expect education for the whole family! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about head lice, and this only ends up confusing parents. Our head lice experts will educate you and your kids on how to prevent and treat head lice. 

Lice Guarantee and Lifetime Protection 

As a customer of ours, you can expect our My Hair Helpers Lice Free Guarantee and Lifetime Protection when using our salon services. Under our Lice Free Guarantee, you can get a free in-salon treatment if lice recur within 30 days of the original treatment. Our Lifetime Protection allows clients to receive a lifetime of free head checks at any of our locations. 

Schedule an Appointment Today 

My Hair Helpers has three locations. We are following all protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. 

  • 10023 Tecum Road, Downey, CA 90204
  • 790 Greenwich Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • 16210 Inglewood Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260 (opens mid-June)

To schedule an appointment at any of our locations and receive professional head lice treatment services, contact us today at 310-874-4550.