The Essentials for Lice Prevention | For 1-2 Children

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Prevent lice infestations before they start. The Essentials for Lice Prevention is an effective natural remedy to repel lice. The essential oils found in mint have insecticidal properties that are toxic to head lice (but not to your child) and also deter them from taking up residence in hair.

Using My Hair Helpers Mint Shampoo washes these oils into the scalp and hair, creating an environment that lice want to avoid. The Mint Conditioner leaves this same scent on hair that continues repelling lice between washes.

For added prevention, Mint Repellent and Prevention Spray can be used to repel lice when misted on dry hair. The lingering mint scent deters lice from crawling onto hair. A few spritzes on hair in the morning can help keep lice away all day long.

The Essentials for Lice Prevention Includes:

  • 8oz Mint Shampoo
  • 8oz Mint Conditioner
  • 8oz Mint Repellent and Prevention Spray

Not only do these mint products help prevent lice infestations, but they also leave hair smelling fresh and feeling clean and conditioned. The tingle from the mint oils invigorates the scalp and adds shine to hair. After regular use, many parents report their kids’ hair seems healthier.

My Mint Shampoo and Conditioner nourish hair with natural botanical extracts that condition and moisturize without added chemicals. The essential oils provide clarifying benefits without stripping hair like typical anti-lice shampoos.

Using My Mint Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray can give parents peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to prevent lice outbreaks. With vigilant use of these lice prevention products, children can avoid the itch and social stigma of lice infestations. Parents no longer need to worry every time their child complains of an itchy head. The protective power of mint helps make going to school lice-free and worry-free.

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