Mint Lice Repellent and Prevention Spray for All Hair Types


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Lice Repellent and Prevention Spray with a refreshing mint scent from My Hair Helpers is a must-have. It’s your best defense for daily protection from a head lice infestation. Your child will love the smell while keeping lice away. Repelling lice has never smelled so good! Works on fine hair, thick hair, and curly hair.

Lice Prevention Spray Benefits:

  • Pleasant peppermint fragrance repels hard-to-treat super lice
  • Natural lice prevention application with essential oils
  • Safe for kids and repeated application to stay lice-free and nit-free
  • Safe for daily use on children and adults
  • Good for use as a lice repellent when there is an infestation at school, camp, daycare, or sports teams
  • Made in the USA; You can have confidence in your purchase with My Hair Helpers 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee

For a small family: Our 8oz has product for 1-2 children.

Have a large family? Our 16oz has product for 3-4 children.

This lice repellent and prevention spray can be used after your child has had a head lice infestation as part of the lice treatment process. Lice hate the smell of mint and try to avoid it at all costs! When treating head lice, it’s always the last step. Follow our step-by-step guide for lice removal.

If your child doesn’t have lice, but there is a known lice outbreak in school, camp, daycare, etc., My Hair Helpers Mint Lice Repellent and Prevention Spray can be sprayed daily after the hair is dry. This natural spray is safe for repeated application.

Have a child (or children) with hair that is prone to tangles, or has thick hair? Our Mint Detangler Lice Repellent Spray has what you need to both detangle knots from hair effortlessly and pain-free, and repel lice with its mint scent. It works well as a complement to our Mint Lice Repellent and Prevention Spray.

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8 oz., 16 oz.