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Treatment for head lice is recommended for anyone diagnosed with an active infestation. All people in the home should be checked for lice, but only those with evidence of an infestation require treatment. But what happens if lice keep coming back or you’re still seeing signs of activity after treatment? It’s possible that it’s the nits (lice eggs) that you’re missing. 

Let’s learn more about why nits are so hard to get rid of and some tips for eliminating them for good. 

Why are Lice Eggs Hard to Remove? 

Lice can be tricky to get rid of because their eggs are firmly attached to pieces of hair, close to the scalp. Females lay their eggs here and then cement them in place using a glue-like substance. Unfortunately, just because you apply treatment does not mean it will work on nits. 

In fact, even pyrethrins (pesticides found in common OTC products) only kill active lice and not unhatched eggs. This means that you might have to use several treatments on your child in order to stop the infestation. Not only is this annoying for you and your child, but also it exposes them to unnecessary chemicals that can harm their health. 

For this reason, it’s recommended to comb your child’s hair with a lice comb in addition to their treatments. This way, any newly hatched eggs can be combed out before they cause another infestation. You should also follow the recommendations on the product. But you must ask yourself: Do you really want to use pesticides on your child multiple times? Surely you do not. 

My Hair Helpers Works on Lice AND Nits 

My Hair Helpers has a full line of head lice removal products that are designed to remove lice, nourish the hair and prevent further infestatations. Our lice removal oil uses dimethicone, a safe ingredient found in many cosmetic products. 

We do recommend applying our treatment twice so that you can remove nits you might have missed. Thankfully, you’re not applying pesticides or insecticides to your child multiple times. And, our products work well and smell great! You can learn more about the application process in our video

Tips for Using Our Products on Lice Eggs 

After many years of treating people with head lice, we find that oil works best. To use our products, all you have to do is massage the oil into the hair and comb the lice out. We also have a mint mousse that loosens the glue from the eggs so that you can remove them easily. We also recommend using our peppermint conditioner when you’re done. 

My Hair Helpers has three salons in California, and we’ll also come to your residence for an at-home treatment. If you don’t live locally, you can pick up our products online. If you’re in need of fast, safe and effective head lice treatment products that work on active lice AND nits, count on My Hair Helpers.