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Here at My Hair Helpers, we see head lice all the time. Even though these pests can be itchy and annoying, we know they aren’t a cause for panic. But, we do want our customers to be informed, especially during times when head lice cases are more common. Halloween is one of those times when head lice are extra busy, according to experts. 

Let’s learn more about why there is an increase in head lice during the Halloween season and how to protect your family. 

Halloween is a Busy Time for Head Lice 

Many head lice clinics and doctors’ offices report an uptick in head lice cases during the month of October. It’s possible that trying on costumes, masks, wigs and hats can cause the parasites to spread. Though the risk of lice living on these surfaces is low, it still happens. During Halloween season, dozens of people try on wigs and hats all day long. Lice may only survive for 24-48 hours off a host, but these costumes are being turned over all day. This provides far more opportunities than normal for lice to spread. 

Remember, lice are trying to survive just like anything else. They have claws that allow them to cling tightly to hair, and they can be transferred in a few seconds. Lice can’t go much more than a day without a meal, so they are eager to find a new host if they’re living in a dark wig or cozy costume. 

How to Prevent the Spread of Lice During Halloween 

Halloween is for candy and scares – not having an itchy head! Here are some tips to help prevent the spread of lice during this spooky season.

  • Wear a bathing cap when trying on costumes. Bring along a bathing cap that your child can wear when trying on costumes. Most pop-up Halloween stores or secondhand stores have dressing rooms, so you can do this in private. 
  • Put the costume in a sealed bag. When you purchase a costume, particularly a used one, place it in a sealed bag for 48 hours before wearing it. This will kill off any lice that may still be alive. 
  • Toss the costume into the dryer. If the used costume won’t fall apart in the dryer, you can do this instead of putting it in a bag. About 45 minutes in heat is enough to kill eggs and lice. 
  • Avoid sharing costumes with others. Talk to your child about not sharing wigs, face masks, etc. with their friends at school or Halloween parties. 

What Happens if Your Child Gets Head Lice from a Costume 

If your child does end up getting head lice from a Halloween costume, don’t panic. Lice are a lot easier to treat than they used to be. My Hair Helpers offers in-home and in-salon appointments that utilize our proprietary head lice removal products. You can also buy our DIY kits online. 

We do not suggest using over-the-counter head lice removal products because they are growing increasingly ineffective. Plus, many of these products contain insecticides that can be harmful to your child’s health. My Hair Helpers uses safe, all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed to keep you lice free. 

Shop My Hair Helpers’ full line of head lice prevention and treatment products on And, have a safe and happy Halloween!