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Head Lice Cases on the Rise Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the novel coronavirus, head lice are still lingering and causing panic in homes. According to this article, lice cases are on the rise amid the pandemic, probably because family members are having to quarantine together in close quarters. 

As annoying as these tiny parasites can be, it’s important to know that they do not transmit disease to humans. Head lice are sometimes confused with body lice, which can transmit diseases like epidemic typhus or trench fever. But head lice are just a nuisance – they are not dangerous to human health. 

Nevertheless, a home full of scratchy heads and poor sleepers is certainly not a way to live! Let’s look closer at why head lice cases may be on the rise and how to keep your family safe. 

Is the Pandemic to Blame for a Rise in Head Lice Cases? 

Since the pandemic began, certain products have been flying off grocery store shelves. Head lice treatments are some of them. More people are dealing with head lice at home so they are coming into stores and pharmacies to treat these cases. And, with people feeling more limited due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that some families might be stocking up on extra products. 

But if we’re all supposed to be quarantining, how come there is a rise in lice cases? 

Back in March when kids were sent home from school, some probably had head lice without knowing it. It can take 4-6 weeks to see the first signs of head lice. In the meantime, head lice are able to quietly spread to others until there is a full-blown infestation in the home or daycare. 

Additionally, families are spending more time together in close quarters, giving lice a chance to spread through the home. This is why some head lice treatment services are seeing entire families infected with lice rather than one or two people. Instead of spreading in a school setting, lice are now spreading in homes. 

Could Lice Be in My Household? 

Even if your family is staying mostly home, this doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe from lice. Here are some potential signs that lice are quietly living among you: 

  • Itching on the scalp
  • Tickling feeling from the movement of hair 
  • Sores on the scalp, neck and shoulders 
  • Trouble sleeping at night
  • Irritability from not sleeping 
  • Appearance of white objects in the hair 

What if I Suspect Head Lice in My Home? 

If you think that someone in your house has lice, bring them to My Hair Helpers for a thorough head lice check. Our experts will comb through each family member’s hair with a fine-tooth comb to identify lice and lice eggs. If lice are found, we can apply treatment on the spot. No fuss, no mess! We have three convenient hair salons in southern California, so call us for an appointment. We are following all COVID precautions. 

If you’d rather us come to you, contact us for our mobile salon services. You get the same expert services and treatments but in the comfort and privacy of your home. Or, shop our products on Amazon and use our Resources tab to identify and treat lice on your own. Our products are safe, nontoxic and effective – guaranteed! 

You might think that because your kids have been home, their risk for lice is lower, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you have hair, you can get lice at any time. The important thing is that you act quickly and treat the lice so they no longer spread, which can be accomplished with My Hair Helpers head lice treatment services! 

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Head lice are tiny six-legged insects that are blood-sucking parasites. They live on the scalp of humans. Head lice are the little and wingless insects with a size of sesame seeds that make their home on the human head and spread diseases by sucking the blood from the scalp. Infections and diseases caused by head lice are generally faced by on-going school students and their family members as the head of students come in contact with the head of other students. Contact My Hair Helpers to guaranteed head lice removal services. We are professional head lice removal experts known for our best service and customer support.


The evidence for head lice goes back many centuries. Lice was named as the third plague in the Old Testament of the Bible. The shell casings for lice have been found on Egyptian mummies. Live Lice on the head and their eggs can be killed by opting for different lice treatments that are available in different forms such as lotions, shampoos, and creams and these can be used at home without any hassle. It is necessary for the women who are pregnant or breastfeed their babies to take suggestions from a renowned doctor about the risk-free products.


In the majority of cases, head lice is passed with head to head contact. A smaller number of cases are passed through brushes and combs and sharing hats. Lice don’t like to leave their food supply unless a warm head is waiting for them.


Head lice actually prefer clean hair! It’s more difficult for them to lay eggs on greasy or dirty hair.