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Treatment is always recommended for active lice infestations. These stubborn pests do not go away on their own, so the first step is to choose a treatment product that you feel good about. Once you apply the treatment, your child can return to school, daycare or camp the following day. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Unfortunately, lice are becoming more resistant to the ingredients found in over-the-counter products, and not all treatment solutions are created equal. So if you really want to get rid of lice overnight, you’ll want to follow each step carefully. 

Start with the Right Treatment 

When choosing a head lice treatment, you have three main options: over-the-counter products, at-home remedies and a professional salon. Here are a few things you should know about each one: 

  • OTC products. Lice are growing more resistant to the ingredients used in these products. Plus, many of these products contain harsh ingredients like permethrin, exposing your child to unnecessary chemicals. Even though they’re available in a pinch, they’re not the best option.
  • At-home remedies. At-home remedies involve suffocating the lice with oils, mayonnaise or vinegar. These remedies deliver inconsistent results and often don’t work. They’re also messy and time consuming.
  • Professional head lice salons. Head lice salons like My Hair Helpers have a team of lice experts. We use our own proprietary products to treat lice infestations. In a single visit, your child will receive a safe treatment (no harsh chemicals) that’s guaranteed to work. 

Follow the Instructions 

Always follow the instructions on the head lice treatment product. You can purchase My Hair Helpers’ head lice treatment solutions on Amazon and they will be delivered to your door the next day! We recommend two treatments for the best results, as some nits survive the first treatment. 

If you do choose an OTC product, be sure to follow the directions as well. We encourage you to read through the ingredients so that you know what you are putting on your child. Because many at-home remedies are ineffective, you might have to do these several times before you see a decrease in lice. 

Check Your Child’s Hair 

Aside from applying a second treatment, one of the best ways to ensure the infestation is truly gone is by combing through your child’s hair with a nit comb. These combs are able to get close to the scalp to pick out any remaining lice or nits. Do this every 3-4 days for two weeks. If your child is in school or daycare, wet combing is something you should do once a week to keep on top of new infestations. 

In a nutshell, it’s possible to get rid of lice overnight. Once you apply a treatment, your child is safe to return to school or daycare. For the best results, choose a reliable product that’s safe and has a proven track record. My Hair Helpers has three lice salons in Southern California, an on-site mobile service and an Amazon store. Count on us for effective, overnight treatment that kicks lice to the curb!