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As California Summer Camps Reopen, Staying Lice Free Remains Critical

California day camps and sleepaway camps are open for 2021. Parents are weighing the risks, as children under the age of 12 aren’t vaccinated just yet. To keep campers safe, camps will have to meet a variety of standards for masking, social distancing and testing. 

Despite all of these extra measures, most families are happy to have a sense of normalcy back and be able keep their children socially, physically and mentally engaged. But there’s another thing that parents and camps need to be vigilant about – head lice. 

The social distancing measures in place will help prevent some cases of head lice, but as we know, kids have a way of getting close even when they don’t mean to. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep camps lice free. My Hair Helpers is a head lice removal service that provides head lice screenings for summer camps in California. 

Let’s learn more about the benefits of using this service to ensure your camp has a successful season! 

Summer Camp Lice Removal Services 

My Hair Helpers has a unique program that specifically serves summer camps in the area. We send out trained head lice technicians to perform lice checks on every camper. If we do find that a child has lice, we can treat them on the spot with parent approval. This one-stop shopping is convenient for everyone – the camps, the kids and the parents! 

Our program is highly successful at keeping lice infestations out of summer camps – even sleepaway camps where these infestations are more likely to happen. It can take up to 4-6 weeks for someone to know they have lice, so many people are spreading it without realizing it. By having each camper checked, we can be proactive and stop the spread. 

Also included with our head lice removal services is education for families. There are so many myths that surround head lice, it’s important that we get the facts out to parents. We also make all head lice treatment kits available to families that want to purchase them. Aside from treatment kits, we also have prevention products like a lice repellent spray and head lice comb

Advantages of Using Lice Removal Services at Your Camp 

My Hair Helpers has worked with many camps and schools over the years. We genuinely care for our clients – they are our friends and neighbors! We want to keep our communities safe and healthy, and providing people with affordable, accessible head lice products and education is key. 

The benefits to using our head lice screening service are: 

  • Identify head lice in children without symptoms
  • Stop of the spread of head lice in your summer camp
  • Provide children and families with education 
  • Ensure your families have safe, trusted products to use 

To learn more about head lice check and removal services, contact My Hair Helpers today. We look forward to keeping your camp lice free! 

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