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Head lice are a common problem, especially among kids. While they are not harmful to human health, they are a nuisance that we can all do without. 

At My Hair Helpers, we make it easier for families to deal with lice outbreaks in their homes, schools and communities. We realize that lice need to be treated promptly and effectively for the best results. But, treatment is not the best policy – prevention is! 

Below are seven unexpected ways that you can get head lice. Be proactive to lower your risk, such as by using a lice repellent spray, tying back the hair and checking for lice once a week. 

1. Summer Camp 

Plenty of kids go to summer camp while their parents work or just to have fun. Even though summer camp keeps kids busy, it’s the perfect breeding ground for head lice. Kids spend their days close together playing sports and going swimming. This head-to-head contact allows lice to move from one head to the next

2. Family Reunions 

Another common summer event is family reunions. The holidays are a long time away, the kids are out of school and the weather is nice. These reunions bring in extended family from all over, and some may stay at a hotel or in your home. Plus, family gatherings bring people close together for pictures and hugs, giving lice opportunities to spread.

3. Sleepover Parties 

As kids enter elementary school, sleepover parties are more common. Kids love staying up late and eating junk food, but these environments also make it easy to spread lice. There’s the risk of lice being on pillows, blankets and stuffed animals, though it’s rare for them to spread from surfaces. The more likely scenario is that your child will get lice from taking selfies or doing makeovers. 

4. Hugging 

Yes – you can actually get head lice from hugging someone who has it. In fact, it only takes three seconds for a louse to crawl onto another head, so even a quick hug can allow for transfer. Still, there’s no reason to be scared to hug your friends and family. For an infestation to occur, a mature female louse carrying eggs would have to be the one to crawl over. 

5. Taking Selfies 

Most people don’t realize that selfies provide the perfect opportunity to spread lice. Selfies require people to squeeze into one picture. In the time it takes to snap the photo, one or two lice can crawl over onto a new host. But, don’t blame your friend. Lice have nothing to do with being clean or dirty. 

6. Playing Video Games 

Another common practice among kids is playing video games. Kids typically sit close together and may also share headgear like virtual reality headsets and headphones. This all presents a greater opportunity for lice to spread. 

7. Being on a Sports Team 

Playing on a sports team is incredibly fun for kids as they get to learn teamwork, practice their talents and meet new friends. However, being on a sports team can also increase your child’s risk for head lice. Many teams spend time close together during practice, during huddles and when lifting weights. Athletes sometimes share helmets as well. 

Don’t Fret – My Hair Helpers’ Products are Guaranteed to Work!

If you or your child does end up with head lice, don’t panic! If you reside in Southern California, you can schedule an appointment with My Hair Helpers for same-day treatment. We also sell our products on Amazon with one-day delivery for Prime members. Our safe, effective, natural products work quickly to treat lice and have your child back in school the next day. For more information, contact us today!