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The 5 Most Unexpected Ways to get Head Lice

By October 3, 2018January 29th, 2019No Comments

The reason that parents are often shocked when they find lice in their children’s hair is that they think they know all about how these bugs are transmitted. Some parents mistakenly believe that since their child is clean and lice only infest the heads of dirty people, there must be something amiss when they do find lice. Well, it’s really quite simple. Most people are ignorant about how lice are spread from person to person. What people don’t realize is that aside from the common ways of getting head lice, you can also get head lice from some decidedly unexpected ways too! Below are just a few of those ways.

  • Selfies: It’s hard to believe that something as silly, fun and harmless can lead to lice. Think about it though. When you and your friends take selfies together you probably all stand pretty close to each other. Your heads probably touch so that you can all get into frame. This presents the perfect opportunity for lice to travel from one host to another.
  • School lockers: Many children share lockers with their peers as a matter of school policy. This means that other children’s coats, hats, and gloves can come into contact with your child’s belongings. This sets the stage for lice to move from one host to another. Lice are even known to be able to live for up to 24 hour without a human host. This is more than enough time for them to move from one child’s hat to the hat of another child.
  • Wearing your hair down: While lice can thrive perfectly well on short hair, there’s a greater opportunity for people with long hair to come into contact with other people’s hair. We suggest that you wear your hair up when you are around a group of people.
  • Watching a movie or TV together: Sure it’s cozy and romantic but if you’ve ever snuggled up on a couch with a loved one then you may have been creating a bridge over which lice can travel from their head to yours or vice versa.
  • Going to concerts: Concerts often bring people in close contact with one another thus creating the opportunity for lice to spread quickly from one person to another. This happens when there is head-to-head contact which is not uncommon during crowded events.

Treatment is great and we have our head lice removal salon and our mobile head lice removal service that can rid you and/or your child of lice quickly. However, prevention is also an essential part of the equation. A little knowledge and vigilance will go a long way in depriving these pests from setting up real estate in your scalp. We are only happy to impart some of this knowledge to you and offer our services and products to keep you lice free.