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Shannon D from Studio City, CA

“Thank goodness for Amy at My Hair Helpers. She was kind, professional, knowledgable and thorough. Not only did she handle our family’s lice, but she also taught me a lot about detection and prevention of lice so that I can avoid our family ever getting it again. I highly recommend Amy at My Hair Helpers!”

Beverly Hills Head Lice Treatment Service and Natural, Safe Head Lice Removal Products.  Call Today and be Lice Free!

Are you searching for a Beverly Hills head lice removal company/ or natural head lice removal products in Beverly Hills?

My Hair Helpers is the answer to your head lice problems!

We have a Beverly Hills mobile head lice salon that will come to your home within hours of your call! Our natural products are the best products available to kill head lice and their eggs.

With 75 / 5-star Yelp ratings we are the leader in head lice service in Beverly Hills and our head lice removal products for “do it yourself” treatments.

With one phone call My Hair Helpers will either overnight ship product to your door, or send a Beverly Hills head lice technician to remove the hair lice within hours of your call.

The Beverly Hills Unified School District consists of four K-8 elementary schools, one 9-12 high school. The K-12 enrollment is approximately 4187. There are also approximately 11 private schools. My Hair Helpers provides free school head lice checks, education and head lice identification and prevention. Please call for more information and to make an appointment.

We know how to comfort you and help you and loved ones get through this stressful time where lice seems to be taking over your house and your family!

Beverly Hills loves My Hair Helpers!

Call today and be Lice Free Forever!!

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