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Canoga Park, CA


Karina C from San Pedro, CA

“I have been struggling with my daughters’ lice for a very very long time. I have tried everything out there from over the counter lice products and even home remedies, dying my daughters hair to even taking her to the Doctor to get her a stronger product to put on her and nothing worked. I had lost hope to ever getting rid of them, until I decided to try My Hair Helpers. I have not seen any nits or bugs on her ever since.”

Natural, Fast, Head Lice Removal Service in Canoga Park, CA. Call Today and be Lice Free!

Are you searching for a Canoga Park head lice removal company? Or natural head lice removal products in Canoga Park, CA?

My Hair Helpers is the best solution for all of your head lice problems!

There is a Canoga Park head lice salon that will come to your home within hours of your call! Our proprietary natural products are the best products available to remove head lice and their eggs.

With 82 / 5-star Yelp ratings (and growing) we are the leader in head lice removal service in Canoga Park. The same safe, natural head lice removal products used in our salons are also available for “do it yourself” treatments.

One quick call and My Hair Helpers will overnight ship lice products to your door. An experienced Canoga Park head lice removal technician is also available to remove the hair lice within hours of your call.

We know how to comfort you and help you and your loved ones get through this stressful time where lice seem to be taking over your house and your family! The skilled team also educates you and your loved ones on how to prevent a head lice re-infestation. You’ll quickly learn the do’s and don’ts of what to do with your household. Costs of our services are highly competitive and no one has as many 5-star reviews.

My Hair Helpers loves Canoga Park! Canoga Park head lice treatment technicians also provide head lice removal services for the entire San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties.

In most cases, My Hair Helpers offers free head lice checks for schools and head lice education. There are 20 k-12 schools in Canoga Park, CA, including both public schools and private schools. Additionally, there are 10 Canoga Park preschools. Canoga Park public schools belong to one district, the Los Angeles Unified School District. Please call for more details regarding free lice checks and head lice education.

Call today and be Lice Free Forever!!

Amy Chinian (310) 874-4550