Help, I have Head Lice!
What do I do now?

First, try not to panic. Keep in mind that lice are more of a nuisance than a health issue.

Make a decision if you will try to remove all nits and lice yourself, or if you will call us to come and help you get rid of the problem.

Natural lice products are a must as well as our metal Lice Eliminator Combs. Studies have shown that lice have become resistant to OTC products.

You can purchase our products and have them by the next day. Watch our tutorial video and follow directions carefully. Make sure that you have someone to check your own hair for nits and lice. Most mothers that come in contact with their children get head lice.

Make sure to wash all bedding in hot water. Vacuum all furniture, rugs, and car seats. Put brushes, hair combs, and hair accessories in hot water for a soak over two hours.

Focus on only the clothes and items worn in a 24 to 36 hour period. Lice cannot survive off a head longer than 48 hours.

Everyone in the home must be checked for evidence of lice. Keep checking for up to two weeks because this is the life cycle of a nit.

Use your metal comb daily to remove any nits that may have been missed or to avoid re-infestation.

How to remove head lice naturally

How to identify head lice



Head lice are tiny six-legged insects that are blood-sucking parasites. They live on the scalp of humans. Head lice are the little and wingless insects with a size of sesame seeds that make their home on the human head and spread diseases by sucking the blood from the scalp. Infections and diseases caused by head lice are generally faced by on-going school students and their family members as the head of students come in contact with the head of other students. Contact My Hair Helpers to guaranteed head lice removal services. We are professional head lice removal experts known for our best service and customer support.


The evidence for head lice goes back many centuries. Lice was named as the third plague in the Old Testament of the Bible. The shell casings for lice have been found on Egyptian mummies. Live Lice on the head and their eggs can be killed by opting for different lice treatments that are available in different forms such as lotions, shampoos, and creams and these can be used at home without any hassle. It is necessary for the women who are pregnant or breastfeed their babies to take suggestions from a renowned doctor about the risk-free products.


In the majority of cases, head lice is passed with head to head contact. A smaller number of cases are passed through brushes and combs and sharing hats. Lice don’t like to leave their food supply unless a warm head is waiting for them.


Head lice actually prefer clean hair! It’s more difficult for them to lay eggs on greasy or dirty hair.