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Physician Answering Service

Physician Answering Service Looking for a physician answering service that will save your facility money and free up valuable time? More clients prefer CADUSYS. If you’ve used a medical answering service in the past and found it to be less than efficient, you should know that not all answering services are created equal. Take a moment to find out how CADUSYS can change the way your facility communicates.

Discover CADUSYS- the Professional Voice Messaging system that was physician designed & operated exclusively for the medical profession! You’ll enjoy improved practice communications, reduced operating costs and enhanced patient care when you employ CADUSYS in your facility.

Whether you’re a busy physician or professional working in a clinic, hospital or allied medical profession, you can rely on the PVM system from CADUSYS. Now you can manage all of your calls with streamlined efficiency that allows greater communication between your practice associates, referring & consulting colleagues and your patients.

CADUSYS’ efficient physician answering service will ensure that your calls are stored for easy access in your mailbox, where they can be retrieved at your convenience or forwarded to the appropriate staff member. Now your patients will be able to access their test results when they want to, confirm appointments without disrupting staff, reach the on-call physician for their after-hours needs and more, all without worrying about human error.

Try CADUSYS for one month and discover how it can change the way your facility communicates, both internally and externally. We are certain you will agree with other physicians and healthcare workers who have been using CADUSYS’ physician answering service, and state that they cannot imaging having to manage their busy days without it. The prime goal of CADUSYS has always been to reduce the time patients unnecessarily spend on hold while eliminating less than professional experiences over the phone that reflect poorly on the physician.

Using the professional integrated communication system for your medical community, all of your providers can be linked together for ease of communication. A single message sent to one mailbox can be accessed by a predefined group, or multiple individual mailboxes can be utilized for ease of patient care communication for every member of a treatment team. Messages are able to be sent to all or specified providers, assuring the proper delivery of pertinent information.

CADUSYS knows your facility is unique, and therefore offers pricing based on your individual needs, since no one-size-fits-all solution works for every facility. When you call 888-CADUSYS, an expert will work with you to customize a payment plan that meets your needs and provides you with the most value for your money. They’ll also set up a notification plan that is convenient for you and will allow you to access messages in the way you choose.

Visit online at for complete multi-tier pricing, or for more information on the leading physician answering service from CADUSYS. Check out the tutorial that will show you how the system works, read real customer testimonials and more. We feel certain you’re going to like what you see.

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Physician Answering Service

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