Mobile Lice Treatment

Mobile Lice Treatment

Call My Hair Helpers for affordable mobile lice treatment that is every bit as effective as our in-salon treatment. If you’re unable to come to our treatment center or feel apprehensive about leaving home during a lice outbreak, we can come to you and offer thorough head checks for everyone in your family along with accompanying treatment if we find lice to be present. If you’ve seen lice or suspect lice, give us a call immediately, and we’ll come to your home with everything necessary for your whole house to be lice-free.

Facts About Lice

There is a stigma attached to lice outbreaks that is entirely unfounded but remains, even when all evidence speaks to the contrary. Many people still believe that lice are a plague of the unclean; however, research and reports show that just the opposite is true. Lice seek out clean hair- not unwashed or unbrushed hair. If your child brought lice home from school or someone in your home picked up lice from a friend, it’s only because they provided a warm head for lice to crawl onto- not because of unclean conditions.

Why We Offer Mobile Lice Treatment

Misconceptions and myths about lice keep some families from seeking treatment- and lice must be treated immediately upon noticing their presence in order to prevent infestation and future spreading of lice. We’ve found that providing at-home treatment encourages many families to call us who would otherwise attempt over-the-counter products that don’t work. Our primary goal is to help you become educated and provide access to our line of products so you can keep your family lice-free for life. Mobile treatment is an excellent way of doing that.

Preventing Re-infestation

While most people we speak to tell us they would prefer if no one outside of their home knew about the situation, we stress the importance of telling everyone you know that you’ve had a lice outbreak. Keeping friends and other family members from experiencing an outbreak will also keep lice from returning to your home. After your mobile lice treatment, we’ll provide education and access to our exclusive products to keep your whole family free from lice forever.

DIY Treatment

If you prefer to treat lice on your own, we offer a proven effective line of products that is guaranteed to kill lice on contact and remove them once and for all. Our topical, all-natural dimethicone oil smothers lice, nits, and eggs, stopping them in their tracks and removing them from your home. Follow up treatment with our MHH shampoo and mousse to deter lice from returning, and we guarantee you’ll remain forever lice-free.

Our DIY treatment is accompanied by an online tutorial with step-by-step instructions for lice removal and future outbreak prevention. Find out more by visiting our website’s resources or by reaching out to an MHH professional with your questions. We love nothing more than sharing our expertise and helping potential clients eliminate lice from their homes with mobile lice treatment, DIY treatment, or in-salon lice removal.

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Mobile Lice Treatment

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