Lice Treatments

Lice Treatments

MHH provides professional lice treatments for schools and camps across the greater LA County area. If you see repeated lice issues or want to prevent future lice infestations at your school or camp, make a call to My Hair Helpers for on-site treatment and head checks. Our screening process is discreet and includes education for students and staff on how to remain lice-free for life.

Convenient Payment Options For Parents

Parents love the option of being able to call in to the school with their credit card information to pay for treatment when lice are found. We work hard to make the entire process as convenient as possible for all concerned. Our screenings and timely lice treatments have proven highly effective in preventing lice outbreaks and keeping isolated lice situations to a minimum.

The Secret to Our Success

When entire schools are screened for lice and treatment is made available to all students at the same time, prevention of re-infestation is certain. Our recommendation to schools is to set up a screening three times each school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. A large part of our lice treatment protocol includes educating students, school administration, parents, and teachers on how to remain lice free. Our treatment kits can be purchased at the time of screening, so parents can take advantage of our DIY home program that prevents lice forever- again, with the option of paying over the phone.

The Real Advantage to School Lice Treatments

Stopping lice dead in their tracks at the school setting is a huge tool in the prevention of home lice infestations. Lice that are found during screening are immediately treated with our all-natural formula that smothers lice, kills on contact, and directly addresses the problem. Our all-student screenings and treatments leave your school lice free when we leave, with products and education to ensure students and staff stay lice free.

We Keep students From Bringing Lice Home

When schools are lice-free, parents can rest easy knowing that the risk of bringing lice home from school is significantly reduced. While there is the small chance that students can bring lice in to the school from another source, that risk is low. Parents can protect their child from future outbreaks by using our shampoo and mousse products that contain natural ingredients that deter lice. School screenings are what we consider a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Get Educated About Lice

Learn more about lice, their habits and life cycle, and how to keep your school at an advantage by scheduling annual screenings at key seasons when infestations are typically high. Reach out to an MHH treatment expert for additional information, for access to our product line, or to speak with us about an upcoming screening opportunity. Our goal is to keep your school lice-free forever. You can join the long and growing list of local schools we’ve helped become lice-free education centers.

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Lice Treatments

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