Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment

When you or someone in your family needs a lice treatment, My Hair Helpers is here for you with in-salon, at-home, or DIY professional lice treatment that guarantees results. We use a proprietary formula of all-natural ingredients to kill lice and stop them dead in their tracks. No store-bought or chemical-ingredient lice removal product works better than our own product line.

Same Day Back to School

If your child has been sent home from school with lice or suspicion of lice, we can come to your home or schedule an in-salon appointment to check for lice, If a lice treatment is necessary, don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything so your child can get back to school immediately.

Lice Treatment is Painless

Lice treatment begins with a head check to determine whether lice or eggs are present. If found, we’ll apply our lice removal formula and use a lice and nit comb, going strand by strand to seek out even the tiniest eggs or newly hatched nits. Our own lice eliminator comb drags out lice and destroys them in one step. Natural dimethicone smothers lice and skills on contact- so the life cycle of lice is interrupted and stopped immediately.

In-Salon or At-Home?

It’s up to you which location you prefer, however, we like to recommend our at-home treatment if you have more than one child or you feel that everyone in your family may have been exposed to lice. Our mobile service seems to make younger children feel more comfortable in their own home, and it will give us the opportunity to provide a head check for everyone in your house. If lice treatment is needed, we’ll have everything we need in-tow. Following treatment, our expert lice technicians will provide one-on-one training to educate you on how you can remain lice free forever.

Instructions Following Your Call to MHH

  • Our lice treatment works best on brushed and untangled hair
  • Provide a place allowing good lighting for our technicians. We’ll need a table and low-backed chair, if possible.
  • Have ready a short stack of bath towels and paper towels.
  • We’ll need access to a sink to wash hair post-treatment.
  • Keep small hands busy with small toys or an iDevice.

The MHH Promise- Lice Free Forever

We’ll make your lice treatment as pleasant and enjoyable as possible- our caring lice removal techs are gentle and reassuring during treatment. Depending on the infestation of lice and length of hair, a typical treatment may take from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours per head. Helpful accompaniments include mood music, essential oil diffusion, and a positive attitude by everyone in the family. Rest easy knowing our lice treatment is guaranteed effective and comes with a 90-day lice-free guarantee. If you follow our simple instructions and use our products, you’ll stay lice-free forever- that’s our promise to you.

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Lice Treatment

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