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Hawaii Drug Rehab Centers

Hawaii Drug Rehab Centers

Maui Recovery is among the best Hawaii drug rehab centers, situated in one of the most pristine and peaceful places in the world. Our mission is to provide diagnosis and treatment to individuals suffering from addiction and help them along their recovery journey.

What does rehab consist of?

Rehabilitation consists of reversing the decline of body, mind, and spirit caused by addiction while providing care and compassion to the person. A rehab program usually combines therapeutic techniques, holistic wellness, and transformative experiences in a pleasant and peaceful environment where practitioners can perform their healing procedures as well as eliminate the underlying core issues for addiction.

Addiction as a by-product of the modern lifestyle

The World Health Organization has estimated that by 2030, depression will be the most common health-related condition and the largest financial burden around the world. In the University of Kansas, researchers have concluded that Americans are ten times more likely to have stress-related illnesses than they were sixty years ago.

The high rate of stress, inducing addiction in many people, is a byproduct of the modern, urban lifestyle. The pressures of work, dependence on technology, and demands of modern society have been causing the people to overwork themselves while depriving them of sleep and relaxation constantly. The distressing effects caused by the isolation of individuals and erosion of community is further increasing the level of stress in the people.

The most effective rehabilitation center

As one of the leading Hawaii drug rehab centers, we view addiction as a symptom of some underlying anxiety or depression caused by a myriad of possible factors such as emotional imbalance, childhood trauma, existential crisis, toxic relationships, personality disorders, internal shame. So, our treatment focuses on abstinence from addictive substances or addictive behavior as well as resolving the underlying problems to achieve lasting recovery.

As a result, our treatment helps the individual to regain their confidence and esteem, strengthen their ties with family and friends, and reclaim their life. We ensure that the individuals do not regard themselves as victims trapped by addiction but as heroes defeating the condition.

Main features of a recovery center

Our recovery center is at a tranquil and rustic location where the person can be removed from the temptations causing their addiction and the commotions of cities to get in touch with nature. We incorporate neurobiological factors in our therapy, resulting in a highly individualized approach.

We focus on cathartic work to address expressed and repressed feelings such as pain, anger, grief, and guilt in order to generate a positive mentality in the person. We provide adventure therapy to excite the body and mind to expedite the healing process. Our treatment also addresses the dysfunction of the person through the family system and educate family members to remove any rift that may occur in addictive households.

Consequently, Maui Recovery is at the top of the list of Hawaii drug rehab centers. Please call us at any time or contact us on our website.

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Hawaii Drug Rehab Centers
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Hawaii Drug Rehab Centers

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