Dual Diagnosis Treatment California

Dual Diagnosis Treatment California

Addiction affects millions of people in the United States. Whether you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, once you realize you have a problem, it is time to seek treatment. Some people are reluctant to enter rehab because they have heard stories of people who end up relapsing. It is important to realize that in many cases, people may have an underlying condition that contributes to addiction. It is necessary to treat both the underlying issue as well as the addiction in order to resolve your addiction for good. If you don’t complete dual diagnosis treatment in California, you could risk relapsing in the future. At California Rehab Campus, we offer professional dual diagnosis treatment options to fit your needs.

Dual diagnosis treatment in California

Many centers treat addictions, but they don’t all offer dual diagnosis treatment in California. Dual diagnosis treats both the addiction as well as the underlying psychological wellness disorder. Only by treating the underlying psychological issues can you expect to fully recover from alcohol addiction. If you don’t treat the other issues, you will most likely resort to using alcohol again in the future. By dealing with the underlying causes, you will increase your chances of a complete and lasting recovery. An experienced team of professionals will assist with diagnosis and create a treatment plan that best suits your specific needs. As a top dual diagnosis clinic in Southern California, we have the experience and skills necessary to help you get on the path to an alcohol-free life.

Why Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California

About one in four people suffer from a mental health disorder at some time in their lives. Only a rehab that specializes in dual diagnosis treatment will be able to successfully address both your addiction as well as the mental diagnosis. Together, these issues can both work against each other, causing the addiction to worsen. There are many types of mental conditions that can be present along with addiction such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and others. If you treat only the addiction, as most rehab centers do, you will not resolve the problem and you are more likely to relapse.

Call California Rehab Campus

At California Rehab Campus, we are a top dual diagnosis treatment center in California. We offer customized science-based treatment to help you resolve your addiction for good. Our team understands dual diagnosis and knows the treatment options that will be most successful. Along with our excellent specialized treatment plans, we have a beautiful and comfortable setting that will make recovery easier and less stressful. We are here for you every step of the way to help you get on the path to a successful recovery. You can take a virtual tour of our facility online.

We take many insurance plans so you can verify for your insurance for treatment: https://californiarehabcampus.com/verify-insurance/.

At California Rehab Campus, we want to help you succeed. Call us or contact us for any inquiries or to speak with a treatment expert: https://californiarehabcampus.com/contact/

Dual Diagnosis Treatment California
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment California
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment California

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