Drug Rehab Florida

Drug Rehab Florida

Spring Gardens Recovery is a popular drug rehab in Florida that helps people to get clean and stay clean from drugs. We take an entirely different approach to addiction treatment, and our model has been proven to work well. What exactly do we do differently? Well, several things!

First, Spring Gardens Recovery is a small rehab. We are very selective about who we admit into our rehabilitation center because we want to protect our patients who are already here. Plus, we want to admit people who are serious about their recovery. One of the great benefits of getting treatment at a small rehab is that our counselors and addiction specialists will have time to work with you directly and tailor a treatment plan as opposed to other rehabs who have a 'here, take this treatment' approach.

Spring Gardens Recovery Boasts Florida's Premier Addiction Treatment Model

On top of being a smaller rehab, we also take a different approach in our treatment philosophy. Spring Gardens Recovery has worked had to develop South Florida's best addiction treatment model. We work equally as hard every day to improve that model! Our model is based on combining the best of both worlds; the best of traditional and modern addiction treatment techniques.

Not only does Spring Gardens Recovery utilize a unique treatment plan, but in a way, you could say that we have no treatment plan at all! Rather than creating a treatment plan to apply to all of our patients, Spring Gardens Recovery, because we're small enough to do it, takes the time to get to know each of our patients on an individual basis. As we get to know our patients, we custom-craft an addiction treatment plan according to their individual needs.

Modern science shows us that no two people use drugs for the exact same reasons. Likewise, not everybody responds the same to specific treatments techniques. What's good for the goose may not always be good for the gander.

Rather than putting a band-aid on substance abuse and addressing the symptoms, Spring Gardens Recovery works to get to the root of addiction. Often, we find that patients have dual diagnosis conditions or deep underlying emotional and or psychological problems. Not addressing these issues meaningfully while trying to treat the addiction is vanity.

SGR is a Great Place to Get Sober!

Perhaps the icing on the cake in terms of what sets our drug rehab apart from the other drug rehabs in Florida is the Spring Gardens Recovery is a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful rehab. Unlike the dormitory-style drug rehabs in legion throughout South Florida, Spring Gardens Rehab is the one drug rehab in Florida that is set up to make people feel at home from the second they through the front door. This is important because studies have revealed that patients benefit more from drug rehabs that are modeled like homes rather than boot camps.

If you would like to learn more about drug rehab in Florida for yourself or for someone you love, contact Spring Gardens Recovery today. We can help you get clean and stay clean.

Drug Rehab Florida
Spring Gardens Recovery
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Drug Rehab Florida
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Drug Rehab Florida

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