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Buy Feminized Seeds

Buy Feminized Seeds

Where could you buy feminized seeds at accessible prices while receiving premium seeds at the same time? HomegrownCannabis Co is your best bet – the largest and most reliable seed bank in the world. We collaborate with 184 breeders and have over 32 weed categories, each with particular features.

What does it mean when a seed is feminized?

Feminized seeds are the byproduct of female-to-female fertilization. They genetically alter one of the female plants to produce pollen which fertilizes the other female plant. What results is a feminized seed with no male chromosomes – all the advantages of regular seeds with none of the disadvantages.

What weed enthusiasts love is smoking cannabis, but what they really smoke is female cannabis plants. Only the flowers from the female plant are flavorful and provide the psychedelic effects that consumers crave for. Usually, with regular seeds, you would have a 50% chance of getting female plants and 50% of getting male plants.

The difference between regular and feminized seeds

With regular seeds, you would have to discard approximately half of your weed culture all the time. This was unacceptable, and breeders came up with a solution – they tinkered with female plants, and made them develop the pollen necessary to fertilize another female plant. The result was a feminized cannabis seed which had a 99% chance to transform into a female plant.

Regular cannabis seeds are less efficient and productive than feminized seeds simply because there is no telling if the plant would be male or female. As a consumer, you can only throw aside the male plant, as only the female has the flowers you need for cannabis consumption. Now, you can buy feminized seeds directly from us, and raise your weed culture’s production to 100%.

How can I buy weed discreetly?

It’s no secret that many states ban the use of recreational drugs like cannabis or marijuana. As such, you’d put yourself at risk by buying weed seeds the normal way. Fortunately, your delivery services are safe, secure, and very discreet. No one will know what you’re purchasing from the internet as you remain anonymous.

To further increase your safety, we recommend using Bitcoin to pay for your purchases, as cryptocurrencies will give you the anonymity you need. Buy cannabis and marijuana seeds in a completely anonymous way, preventing any potential troubles from arriving at your doorstep. We want to promote the use of recreational drugs, and that’s why we provide high-quality weed seeds for enthusiasts.

The best cannabis seeds store

Don’t hesitate any longer, and buy feminized seeds today if you want to grow your own crop of cannabis or marijuana. You will have a 99% chance of getting female plants that contain precious buds and flowers. Smoke to your heart’s delight, and let us be your number one seed supplier.

HomegrownCannabis Co revolutionizes the weed game by bringing together the cream of weed breeders, the elite and the 1% of genetic seed designers. We are the best seeds store in the world, and we will continue to fulfill the dreams of all weed enthusiasts out there.

Buy Feminized Seeds

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Buy Feminized Seeds

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