Best Lice Treatment

Best Lice Treatment

What makes My Hair Helpers’ all-natural lice removal solution the best lice treatment on the market? Simple- it works. MHH’s products are guaranteed to kill lice when other treatments fail to do the job. Here’s why- overexposure to OTC treatments has made lice resistant to most of the products being sold in the store. As new generations of lice hatch, they become immune to medications that were once effective in killing their predecessors.

MHH is Different

Our products work by suffocating lice in their tracks- stopping them dead. Killing lice on contact is a better solution than chemicals that kill live lice and eggs over time because you’ll get immediate results using our products. If your child needs to return to school, we can offer a ‘same day return’ guarantee.

A Reputation of Excellence

We’re known throughout the LA County as a service provider with an excellent reputation. We’re not content providing services in our salon- we are committed to going out into the community and meeting the needs of our neighbors. For your discretion and convenience, we offer at-home treatment and head checks. Schedule a home appointment by calling us or filling out our online communication form. Your visit will include:

  • Thorough head check
  • Complete lice treatment
  • Lice eliminator comb
  • Lice Free Forever education
  • 90-day lice free guarantee
  • Lifetime Protection

The Best Lice Treatment is Natural

Chemicals and toxins have proven to be ineffective over time. MHH’s natural solution is not only effective in killing lice on-the-spot, but it’s also guaranteed, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right call for your family. We go one step further and make our products available to you forever so that you can remain lice free for life. If you prefer to treat your family at home using our products, simply refer to our online tutorials and purchase MMH lice removal products through our website or in one of our conveniently located salons.

The MMH Advantage

Compare our services with the other companies in LA County to see why we offer the best lice treatment available today. Ours is the only one with a lice free guarantee and lifetime protection. We have ten years of happy clients to speak to our commitment to treating lice in a way that is discreet, affordable, and dependable. Our strand-by-strand lice removal technique is superior to other local services- learn more about MHH by exploring our resources online.

Chemicals or Natural Ingredients- You Choose

Which would you rather use on your family and in your home? If you chose the ‘natural’ method but worry that it won’t be as effective as a chemical product, you’ll be happy to learn that our natural ingredient line of products is more effective than even harsh toxins and chemicals. MHH lice treatment smothers lice in their tracks and kills on contact: results- immediate elimination of lice and nits- guaranteed. Call MHH to schedule a head check or treatment.

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Best Lice Treatment

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