Alcohol Treatment Florida

If you require professional alcohol treatment in Florida, you need to consider speaking to our professionals asap. At St. John’s Recovery Place, we treat all forms of substance addiction, regardless of specifics or severity. There are several types of rehab treatments available, each with its specific modalities and overall effectiveness, depending on the situation. These include:

  • Clinical detoxification – The detoxification procedure is standard at our Florida addiction recovery centers. The program relies on medication, therapy, and counseling to calm the mind, cleanse the body, and prepare you for upcoming rehab procedures. On its own, the treatment is effective at combating the withdrawal and preventing short-term relapse. Long-term, you will need to pair it with additional programs to increase its effectiveness.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient treatment is a staple recovery program, relying on 24/7 clinical assistance and recovery support. Our inpatient luxury rehab centers in Florida place patients in a comfortable and supportive environment to remain for the entire treatment’s duration. This is typically a minimum of 30 days, but the recommended period is 60 days or more to increase the treatment’s reliability.
  • Outpatient programs – Depending on the facility, these may include PHP, IOP, or outpatient program which focus primarily on non-intensive care. These programs will require you to come to the rehab facility for several hours daily or weekly to engage in specific therapies. They are effective at helping patients transition from inpatient programs to a more independent and self-sufficient life post-rehab.
  • Alumni Program – The Alumni program is a core feature of our alcohol treatment centers. They function on a non-intensive basis, focusing on training patients on long-term sobriety management. Alumni promotes healthy human interactions, healthy and productive lives, and long-term sobriety management, helping patients prevent relapse over the years.

On their own, these programs only have a limited effect. The detox treatment is only reliable short-term, allowing you to combat the withdrawal phase. The inpatient treatment is effective at addressing addiction’s more in-depth effects, including co-occurring disorders. Outpatient drug addiction rehab in Florida is a great tool for long-term sobriety management.

Together, however, they form a potent recovery and relapse prevention tool to serve you for years to come. If you require immediate Florida drug treatment, we recommend contacting our professionals to get the information and guidance you need today.

How rehab treatment helps with alcohol addiction

Alcoholism is the result of routine. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in FL not only helps patients overcome addiction but trains them in relapse prevention as well. The rehab program we’re using offers:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for addressing co-occurring disorders
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Alumni gatherings
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Pharmacotherapy to manage co-occurring disorders, etc.

If you’re ready to begin your alcohol treatment in Florida today, we recommend speaking to our rehabilitation clinicians. You can contact St. John’s Recovery Place as soon as you’re ready to begin your recovery journey. You can ask for details on insurance coverage and treatment programs at 833-397-3422.

Alcohol Treatment Florida
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Alcohol Treatment Florida
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Alcohol Treatment Florida

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